The Wine Region of Rioja

Snaking through the north west of Spain is the Ebro River and its tributaries. It is along here that the pilgrims traversed the Santiago deCompostela,and for over a thousand years vines have been nurtured and…

Alberta Rockies Beer Tour

Winter in Alberta is all about heading out to the mountains. There are very few things more beautiful than the majestic snow-capped peaks of Alberta’s Rockies.

Amber & Dark Rum Trending

When Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, the tropical climate was ideal for the plant to thrive, resulting in a host of sugar-based industries. Thankfully, both Rhum Agricole and Rum Industriel were part of this economic boom.

Special Event Permit Changes in BC

There have been a number of changes to Special Event Permits (SEP) in BC. Effective February 1, 2019, permittees holding a large public special event, which is not of a charitable purpose and has 500…


Herb Flieger at Cornerstone Liquor

Two Provinces, One Community

Cornerstone Liquor has been a steadfast purveyor of liquor in Lloydminster since 2000. The only Albertan city located in two provinces—Alberta and Saskatchewan—Lloydminster is a vibrant and growing city.

The Kettewell Family & JAK’s

All in the Family

At JAK's Beer, Wine, Spirits, it's all about family and has been for four generations now. "We take the relationship extremely seriously," says Mike McKee, the company's CFO. "Family is one of our core values."…

D.J. & Max Bowen, Jasper Liquor Store

A Mecca for Wine Tourists

Jasper Liquor Store & Wine Cellar not only provides fabulous choices, it offers a hidden treat for true connoisseurs. Jasper National Park, the largest park of its kind in the Canadian Rockies at 11,000 km2,…