Team at the ONE20 Public House

Gastropub Concept Thrives

Delta’s popular gastropub, ONE20 Public House, emphasizes fresh, innovative and local cuisine, making it an attractive stand-out in the suburban neighbourhood. “We’re located on Scott Road, a bastion of chain-style restaurants. We’re one of the few individual restaurants on the strip not following the franchise model,” notes Manager Michael Lehnert. He and his wife Ramona have been operating this family business for 18 years.

Michael, who spent time in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant in Germany, brings quality rigour to the menu at ONE20 Public House. “Food is one of our strongest points. I’m still on the line in the kitchen and currently have a chef in charge as well,” describes Michael, adding that “We call him Tony, because I’m a Michael too.” Chef Michael Anthony Ferreira, aka Tony, has roots in Guyana and Portugal, and his cultural stamp on the menu is clear.

Currently, seasonal dishes on the menu include a Charcuterie Board (with cheeses, cured meats, and house pickles), Vegetable Cassoulet (market vegetables over white bean ragu), and Stuffed Yorkies (Yorkshire pudding filled with mashed potatoes, roast beef, gravy and horseradish mayo, served au jus). Signature dishes added for the winter include Roasted Cauliflower with Spiced Pepper Cheese – available to order as a half or whole head – and Fried Arancini, risotto balls stuffed with mushrooms and chorizo, topped with truffle mayo and shaved parmesan. Even optional $5 sides are high-end, among them short rib, salmon fillet, seared tuna, and gourmet penne ‘n cheese.

“We pride ourselves on making food as from scratch as it can be. From our mayonnaise to our sauces to our soups; everything is made from scratch. We peel our own carrots, slice our own tomatoes, and source from local purveyors, whenever it is economical,” Michael explains. The pub’s Fresh Sheet changes every Friday. Michael and Tony use what’s available at the market, recently featuring fresh finds of pork cheeks and quail.

The bar menu complements the pub’s focus on food. Michael reports, “We’ve seen our biggest increases in signature cocktails and wines by the glass.” The hand-crafted cocktails at ONE20 Public House are made with freshly squeezed juices or flavoured syrups created in-house, and garnished with freshly chopped fruit. Watermelon sangria, garnished with kiwis, was a big hit on the pub’s summer menu.

ONE20 Public House also owns the liquor store next door, allowing customers to buy wine there and drink it in the pub for a $15 corkage fee. Rotating beers are available on tap. “Our mantra is local and green. With so many excellent micro-breweries nearby, we serve as many local beers as we can.”

The pub recently rebranded its website and graphics. “We modernized the logo, took on a creative group and made everything more uniform.” The new website at offers menus, special event notices, a photo gallery, and social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One staff member is dedicated as the “social media guru” and writes a monthly blog, keeping customers up-to-date.

A renovation went along with the pub’s new imagery. The Lehnerts teamed up to create the pub’s inviting new décor. Michael explains, “We sort of stayed away from glitzy neon beer signage and instead went for making the room warm. The footprint is the same, but we added a few elevations, and wound

up with leather accents and brick.” Custom furniture pieces, stand-up tables and bar rail sections were all made from old barrel staves. “It’s the kind of place where you want to cozy up on the leather sofas.”

Thursday nights are date nights with live jazz or blues music. “Couples can get a bottle of wine next door and enjoy complimentary corkage, buck-a-shuck oysters, and a chocolate fondue for $5 that is second to none,” Michael advises. Sundays are another hugely popular day at the pub. All food on the regular printed menu is half price on Sundays. As Michael recounts, “It started a few years ago, when we marketed it as ‘Give Back to the Community Day.’ It’s become very popular. It’s one of our busiest days and it builds and builds.”

The pub also hosts fundraisers for local sports teams and charitable groups. A recent tapas night benefited the Burns Bog Conservation Society. An outdoor open house was held during the Movember campaign for prostate cancer. On top of that, ONE20 Public House avidly supports local hockey, soccer, baseball, rugby, and swim teams. Michael stresses, “We’re very community-driven.” It’s just another of the many ways this food-friendly gastropub makes its mark in the neighbourhood.