Smart drinking starts with DrinkSense

That’s why the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) launched DrinkSense, a campaign that represents the AGLC’s commitment to responsible drinking.

“DrinkSense is all about education and awareness,” says Eric Baich, Manager, Social Responsibility-Liquor, AGLC. “We have many initiatives that speak to key issues such as binge drinking, pre-drinking and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), but up until now, each campaign has had a very different look and feel. Adopting DrinkSense will help AGLC and liquor stores show a consistent message to consumers about responsible liquor consumption, under the realm of Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines.”

The guidelines, established to promote moderation on a national level, have opened the door for all Canadians to educate themselves about lifestyle choices when it comes to alcohol. It supports the premise that the enjoyment and hospitality that so often defines drinking is often best served through moderation.

Tailored Consistency
Originating from Manitoba, DrinkSense will incorporate programs for both service providers and consumers. This includes targeted messages to groups such as millennials, adults, and women in childbearing years, as well as staff and managers at licensed venues. “We recognize that how we speak to the 18 to 24 demographic is very different to how we will reach older Albertans, but with a unified focus, every initiative will connect to another,” Baich explains. “Each campaign will build upon the next with a long-term goal of providing creative, yet consistent messaging. That messaging will also adjust to shifting attitudes and continually changing environments as we strive to show all Albertans that they can have a great time while still making smart choices when it comes to alcohol.”

Promoting Partnerships
DrinkSense is also about partnerships−with health, law enforcement and regulatory groups, social responsibility branches across the country, and those working in the industry as well as the general public.

The new DrinkSense website ( features tips and videos to help people better understand what responsible drinking looks like. It also links to 130+ accredited Best Bar None venues and affiliates such as Alberta Health Services.

Asking Albertans to Enjoy Responsibly
DrinkSense launched across Alberta on September 9th, 2016 via an awareness campaign that included videos playing at movie theatres, online advertisements and other promotional materials such as coasters at the Alberta’s Best Bar None venues. In late September, DrinkSense branded liquor bags arrived at all Alberta liquor stores to help spread the word to consumers. This launch coincided with a new DrinkSense-branded Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) campaign.

“DrinkSense is a program that will exemplify the AGLC’s commitment to help reduce the harms associated with over-consumption of alcohol.” Baich concludes, “It’s an exciting and innovative step to share the message of responsible drinking with Albertans.”