Ben Jones

Help Ben Get Back to Work

Ben needs your help. He’s been injured in an accident and can no longer do his bartending job, so he’s going to the BC Hospitality Foundation for help.

OK, so Ben isn’t a real person. He’s part of the “Buy Ben a Beer” campaign launched by the BCHF. The foundation hopes to raise $50,000 to help ten new BCHF beneficiaries. The program is designed to show support for those people in the hospitality industry who pour your beer at the bar, serve you food in a pub, or work in any other aspect of the hospitality industry.

The funds raised will be used to cover the cost of medical equipment, prescriptions, transportation to therapy appointments, or to cover shortfalls towards housing, food or other expenses until our “Ben’s” are able to return to work.

Starting at just $5, you can buy “Ben” (short for Beneficiary) a virtual beer at The fundraiser affects real people and every dollar counts. Visit to donate, then share a photo or video of yourself and use the hashtags #BuyBenABeer, #BCHF, and #WeAllKnowBen to increase awareness amongst your followers.