David Claveau

New GM at Olds College Brewery

David Claveau is the new General Manager of the Olds College Brewery. This is a teaching brewery where students learn to become Brewmasters. The facility also offers research and testing services to other breweries through the Olds College Centre for Innovation laboratories.

Claveau is committed to contributing to the growth of the brewery industry in Alberta. He has experience as a home brewer, and has training in brewing both from the Université Laval and through a continuing education Beer School program in Calgary.

He has a background in food science, management, and brewing. He holds an MBA in Agricultural Business Management, a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Université Laval in Quebec.
His recent work experience as a food microbiologist and senior product manager provided him with skills and knowledge in the areas of general management, project management, and operations. His area of responsibility at the Olds College Brewery includes strategy, marketing development, customer service and general operation duties.