Monthly archive for January 2017

The Alberta hospitality industry continues to be challenged by competitors both within their local market and through the fast growing segment of online ordering. To further combat the competition, retailers have focused on driving a unique and convenient experience for consumers while maintaining a comfortable profit margin. One strategy that continues to be important is bridge buying product to supplement just-in-time inventory needs. To be successful buyers need to consider the pros and cons of each strategy to ensure the business is enhanced and cash flow is not tied up in inventory for long periods of time.

BC Liquor Sales Trends

Third quarter stats are now out from BC LDB, and Canadian wines and local Micro Brews continue to show strong growth, particularly in LRS locations. Canadian wines didn’t experience the same strong sales trends in the hospitality sector, however.

It’s an off-season Thursday night at the Park Distillery in Banff, and the joint is jumping as if it was a holiday weekend in the height of summer. Servers are slammed, getting samplers of craft vodka, gin and un-aged rye out to thirsty customers. Guests lean over to their neighbours’ tables, asking perfect strangers what they’re drinking.

Juanita & Kelsey Roos

At Color de Vino, it's all about family. The Edmonton-area wine and spirits boutique isowned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Juanita and Kelsey Roos. Juanita'sfather built the fittings and Kelsey's husband, Ramon Miranda,…

Winter Beers

There is truly something special about the thought of curling up next toa warm fire with a deliciously dark, strong and warming beer on a coldwinter day. It is possible to lose yourself in a…