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Spirits Made in Alberta

Alberta has a strong bootlegging heritage and a rich history in distillation, forged from its time spent under Prohibition more than 100 years ago.When implemented in 1916, there were certain loopholes, such as allowing 2.5%…

The Trend to Mobile

Consider this: In the German city of Augsberg, officials have embedded traffic lights in the sidewalks so smartphone users don’t have to look up from their texting or tweeting as they walk. It’s just one more sign that we are increasingly living our lives on our smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. For a liquor retailer, this is also a reminder that business is increasingly going mobile.

Craft beer currently has the biggest share of mind in retail today, and the beer category is still Canadians’ #1 choice for beverages. However, other categories are showing strong growth – cider in particular. According to Statistics Canada, national beer sales were up 3.1% in fiscal 2015 while the cider category tripled that at 9.2%. Total category sales for cider are only 10% of beer sales, but no other category is seeing such large increases.