Retailing Cannabis

Feds Table the Cannabis Act

Rejects Prohibiting Co-Location Cannabis & Alcohol

The federal government has tabled the Cannabis Act, new legislation that will legalize recreational marijuana on July 1, 2018. Alberta Liquor Store Association President Ivonne Martinez says, “We’re encouraged to see the government reject the Task Force’s recommendation to prohibit the co-location of marijuana and alcohol sales. The Task Force’s recommendation ignored the decades-long track record Alberta’s private liquor retailers have earned when it comes to the responsible sale of controlled substances and we’re pleased Ottawa agrees.

“Keeping marijuana products away from children will be paramount when the legislation becomes law. Our members have been doing this with alcohol for over 20 years and would do so with marijuana, should the provincial government choose to co-locate alcohol and marijuana sales.

“Furthermore, we are pleased the federal government has followed the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization’s recommendation to allow the provinces to set their own policies for the distribution and retailing of recreational marijuana. Ottawa’s recognition that provinces are best positioned to make these decisions will no doubt be welcomed across the country.

“Now that the federal legislation is tabled, we look forward to demonstrating to the Alberta government our members’ unique qualifications for ensuring safe and responsible marijuana sales in Alberta.”