Monthly archive for May 2017

BC Liquor Policy Changes

It’s been full steam ahead at LCLB in the months following the many liquor policy changes that took effect January 23, 2017. The work initiated by my predecessor, Doug Scott, has continued and I am proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved so far in working toward implementing the 73 recommendations of the Liquor Policy Review Final Report.

High-tech bar management software can do everything from tracking food and labour costs to monitoring real-time performance remotely.  For those looking for a new pub operations platform, it can take time to wade through the pros and cons of the array of new technology on the market. Alternatively, it can help to rely on the expertise and experiences of others, including reliable third parties conducting market research on the best available systems.

Recreational Marijuana

Until recently, very little was known about the Canadian recreational marijuana consumer; no comprehensive assessment of the Canadian market had been developed. To address this gap in knowledge, in 2016, Deloitte conducted a study of the Canadian recreational marijuana market. Partnering with Toronto’s RIWI Corp., Deloitte surveyed 5,000 Canadian adults (19 years or older) from coast to coast, 1,000 of whom identified as current recreational marijuana consumers.

Craft Beers in Alberta

With recent regulation changes, Alberta is entering a brewing renaissance of sorts. Over the last couple of years, we have seen over 20 new craft breweries open in Alberta (with over 50 additional breweries currently in various stages of development). Along with this, we have seen a new wave of innovation that is both refreshing and incredibly exciting.

Handling Cash

In a 2014 survey, “Measuring progress toward a cashless society,” MasterCard found that, while most Canadians use debit or credit cards, cash accounted for more than 40% of consumer transactions. In liquor stores, cash still reigns supreme among many types of customers, including those with a criminal bent. Cash theft is a threat from both within and outside store doors.

A successful retail liquor store is not only a place to buy wine, beer or spirits – it can become a community where loyal clientele rub shoulders with engaged staff and one another. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and while customer service, product knowledge, and a comfortable shopping environment will always contribute to success, a community centered around your store will cultivate a unique identity that helps you stand out.