Monthly archive for September 2017

Delios Delight

Fall is upon us, and as the seasons change, so does our preference on what we want to be sipping during autumn festivities. Try out this fall-inspired cocktail, which makes a great Halloween delight!

Retailing Recreational Cannabis

Ontario – Ontario recently released its plan for distributing and selling recreational cannabis and has given rights to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), which is a Crown Corporation. This model was based on public consultation according to the Liberal government, with a lot of weight given to an online survey.

Albertans Support Liquor Retailers Selling Recreational Marijuana

Albertans are becoming increasingly open to having recreational marijuana products sold at liquor stores, according to a poll commissioned by the Alberta Liquor Store Association (ALSA). The poll, conducted in February, found that 52% of Albertans believe the government should consider allowing liquor retailers to sell recreational marijuana, provided the products are accessed through a separate entrance.

Serving a Perfect Pint

Hold glass under tap, open tap, pour beer. Simple, right?

Pouring a pint of draught certainly looks straightforward, but in reality, liquid hitting the glass is just the end point of a long process with a great many variables that should demand your attention.

Measuring Your Pub’s Performance

You likely review your KPI’s, such as gross profit/food costs, labour costs and net profit on a regular basis. These give you an excellent idea of how your business is performing. There are alternative figures you can look at though, some that may give you a better insight into how the business is doing, especially when you operate more than one site.