Carl Villeneuve-Lepage

Sommelier, Restaurant Toqué!

After an intensive two-day competition alongside Canada’s top sommeliers, Carl Villeneuve-Lepage, sommelier, Restaurant Toqué!, Montreal, Quebec, has been named the Best Sommelier of Canada. In addition to the title, Villeneuve-Lepage took home close to $40,000 in prizes, including a personalized Vancouver Canucks jersey, trips to various points around the globe, $10,000 cash and $5,000 in wine. While it was a vigorous competition, Villeneuve-Lepage demonstrated exceptional theoretical knowledge and wine service, which placed him first in the competition.

Villeneuve-Lepage will now go on to represent Canada at the Best Sommelier of the Americas, to be held in Montreal, 2018, and has the right to compete for the chance to go to the Best Sommelier of the World competition in Belgium, 2019.

Photo courtesy of Scott Little