Monthly archive for October 2017

Alberta Liquor Market Trends

Alberta’s liquor sales are leveling out and certain segments are increasing according to the AGLC. Coolers and ciders increased 5.6% from April to September 2017 compared to the same period last year and the wine category continued to gain market share increasing 1.6%. The beer category declined 1.2% and spirits decreased 1.5%.

Recreational Marijuana Retailers

Provinces need retailers with a large enough footprint to contest illegal stores and become trusted partners in the sale of recreational cannabis, according to Darrell Dexter, VP Global Public Affairs, who spoke at the BC Liquor Conference this week. Dexter says, there is “still considerable concern as politicians take on this new political risk.”

Brandy Regions & Categories

The history of Brandy is a long one and dates at the very least to the 16th Century. Originally called brandewijn (brandywine), legend says Dutch traders preserved wine through distillation to better allow for preservation during travel and to make it easier to carry large volumes on board. The initial plan was to reconstitute the brandewijn with water upon reaching the destination,

Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Even if you don’t use social media, we can all agree that it’s a part of modern culture that’s here to stay. The liquor industry, recognizing that social media allows businesses to be influencers, is adopting this emerging form of communication and incorporating it into the brand experience. The ability to speak directly to an audience provides a powerful marketing tool in the right hands.