Monthly archive for November 2017

Creating Signature Cocktails

What makes a great bar? What makes a great bartender? There are many things that attribute to making bars and bartenders great, from hospitality, personality, ambiance, and great food. Over the last decade or so, cocktails have snatched the limelight. A new restaurant with a great bar program used to be an added bonus to a night out.

Liquor Store Attributes

A recent survey conducted by the AGLC asked what main qualities impact Albertans' decision to shop at a particular store and found that respondents rated four categories as most important: price/sale prices (67%); location/convenience (53%);…

Selling Accessories

Adding accessories to your product line will not only increase your average sale, it can attract new people into your store and offer them a better buying experience. Consider adding liquor-related items, such as flasks, decanters, glassware, non-food items used in cocktails, bottle openers, and corkscrews. Available from a wide variety of suppliers, these non-alcoholic items offer good margins and an appealing contribution to your bottom line.