Monthly archive for December 2017

When Good Buzz Goes Bad Online

At some point, it’s going to happen. You’re going to wake up and find your pub or restaurant trending on Twitter. And not in a good way.

There is a right way and a wrong way to respond to negative comments you receive in social media. At my digital marketing agency, engageQ, we’ve perfected the right way.

The model we’ve developed is SWARM, and here are the steps.

Tax Relief for Alberta’s Craft Manufacturers

Small distilleries and cideries are now able to sell their products from farmers’ markets, artisan markets or their manufacturing facilities at a reduced markup rate. The markup rate will be reduced by $11.21 per litre to $2.46 per litre for spirits and reduced by $1.49 to $0.32 per litre for refreshment beverages,

Tudor House Liquor Store

It’s simply breathtaking—all angled glass, sweeping steel and cool concrete, a glittering modern framework for the vast array of fine wine, craft beer, and spirits inside. “From the architecture to our selection, everything in the store is unique,”

Controlling Food Costs

Controlling your costs is crucial to your success. Costs are expressed as either a dollar figure or as a percentage of revenue. Fixed cost expenses do not go up and down with business volume (think rent, phone, Internet) and should be negotiated hard for the lowest rate possible when initially contracted.

What can you Deduct?

Employers often feel the pressure to recoup business costs when things happen that are out of their control: theft, damage, breakage, poor quality of work, etc. To protect themselves, many employers institute policies that are funded by their employees.