BC’s Licensee Retail Stores Gain Market Share

Government Stores Show Decline

Over the past five years, sales by BC Liquor Stores and Licensee Retail Stores have stayed quite stable, despite some major changes in hours and refrigerated product offerings at government stores. In 2012/2013 LRSs had 40.4% of the market and in 2016/17 LRSs gained market share to achieve 40.5%. BCLS reduced sales from 34.1% to 33.6% over the same time period.

Following is the breakdown of sales by each customer type:

BCLS Counter Customers 33.6%
Licensee Retail Stores 40.5%
Licensed Establishments 18.2%
Other Customers 4.0%
Agency Stores 3.7%

Source: 2016/17 Annual Service Plan Report, BC Liquor Distribution Branch