Monthly archive for May 2018

Craft Ciders

In a sea of a thousand cideries spanning North America, a small but determined group from BC are taking the market by storm, and attracting the attention of discerning consumers.

We all know the competition for finding good employees has become increasingly difficult. This makes it more important than ever to keep the good ones we already have. Focusing on ways to motivate and engage your staff is key to successful employee retention.

Craving Warmer Days & Fruity Beers

I think many people would agree that we have experienced a tough winter this year in Alberta. With the record snowfalls and consistently frigid temperatures, it could be expected that people are longing for hot temperatures and craving summertime drinks on a sunny rooftop patio. Though there are many beer styles that would be suitable for warm weather patio sipping, there are few categories that invoke visions of summertime quite like fruit beers.

SADD Liquor Bag Campaign

Stop by a liquor store on the May long weekend and you just might take home the artwork of an Alberta student: a paper liquor bag with a hand-drawn design highlighting the dangers of impaired driving.