New BC Policies for Tasting Events

It will now be more cost-effective for suppliers to do tasting events in BC due to new policies from the LCRB allowing liquor manufacturers or agents to purchase liquor at wholesale prices for industry-only tasting events. The changes are expected to save IVSA members 20% in sample product costs.

They will also be able to use excess liquor at subsequent industry-only tasting events, or qualifying charitable events.

Most types of manufacturers can purchase the liquor for donation from their on-site store.
Further information is available from the LDB wholesale website at:

Liquor Removal

Leftover liquor, whether it has been opened or not, cannot be resold, used for another event, or used under a different licence or permit, with the following exceptions:
• Excess liquor that was donated by a liquor manufacturer or agent for a charitable event or industry-only tasting event may be removed by the manufacturer or agent and used at a subsequent qualifying charitable event or industry-only tasting event that is approved by the LDB.

The agent or manufacturer must provide both the original permittee and any subsequent permittee with the following:
• records demonstrating the liquor was purchased through LDB-approved processes.
• the purchase invoices from the LDB or their manufacturer’s on-site store.

The documents must be available for inspection at the event and permittees must keep these records for at least two years after the permit expires.

Further information regarding liquor and cannabis control and licensing in British Columbia is available on the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch website at

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Knight.