Just Add Alberta

Highlighting Alberta-Made Products

The summer sipping season is now well underway with Albertans tipping back their favourite drinks with family and friends. Combined with an ever-growing “buy local, drink local” movement, there’s never been a better or more important time for Alberta liquor retailers to highlight the impressive selection of quality Alberta-made products available in their own backyard.

That’s why ALSA is proud to have created an encompassing marketing program for all Alberta- made products called Just Add Alberta that launched earlier this month. The program focuses on communicating the breadth and quality of products made in Albert—including craft beer, mead, fruit wine, and spirits—through education, exposure, and promotion.

Increasing Awareness

Program components include the launch of a Just Add Alberta brand identity that can be easily recognized by the public, along with the development of a tool kit and guide to Alberta-made products. Liquor retailers, bars, and restaurants can use this tool kit and guide to describe producers and their products, provide overviews of the different product categories, and to assist in advising customers on the delicious Alberta-made options available—something that not everybody is aware of.

“Just Add Alberta is a great opportunity to work with the province’s liquor industry associations to develop a program that represents the uniqueness of every product, while harmonizing the aspects and brand recognition of local products—all of which provides exciting benefits not only for our members, but for Albertans and the wider industry as well” said Ivonne Martinez, ALSA President. “Although many Albertan products have made it to the shelves of liquor stores, many more remain unknown by the public and liquor retailers,” she explained. “We hope this new initiative provides a means and opportunity for owners and operators to better find, feature, and promote the incredible quality of Alberta-made products.”

Building a Brand

ALSA commissioned a local artist to create a Just Add Alberta logo and a series of illustrations featuring Alberta-shaped liquor items such as an ice cube, cork, bottle opener, and barrel to tie together our pride in place with local ingredients—both important ideas in the growing buy local movement.

Print materials across the province include wobblers, posters, coasters, contest entry forms, and educational materials that will complement a digital strategy featuring YouTube videos and a social media presence. Capping it all off is a rich in-person interaction strategy featuring myself, ALSA Sommelier & Industry Liaison, touring festivals and events throughout the province over the summer months in a branded Just Add Alberta R-Pod trailer.

The festival road show will provide unique opportunities to introduce the Just Add Alberta brand directly to retailers and all Albertans. We will introduce the different Alberta-made products and direct shoppers to their local liquor retailers to support Alberta-made products.

By travelling across the province, we’ll be able to secure opportunities to collaborate with local producers at festivals in their own communities and really promote the Just Add Alberta brand among Albertans. We want to encourage people’s curiosity, so they’ll check out all the local options available to them in-stores.

Communities and festivals on the roadshow tour will include large scale events such as Edmonton’s K-Days and the Calgary Stampede as well as smaller, more focused events such as Alberta Farm Days.

Getting Involved

Retailers can get involved by sharing the program and the value of locally made products with their followers across social media and in-store. We will be sharing all our materials on the ALSA website as well as launching an educational component to help at point-of-sale.

Stores will receive shelf talkers they can use to highlight any Alberta-made products they have on the shelf and draw attention to our high-quality, locally made beverages. Plus, if there are any events that any retailers would like to have the Just Add Alberta R-Pod attend, we are ready and willing to be there! Watch out for the launch and in-store materials in July.

For more information on Just Add Alberta, visit alsaweb.ca or justaddalberta.com and follow our journey on Instagram at @justaddalberta


Just Add Alberta – By the Numbers

Over the last few years, Alberta-made products have grown to unprecedented levels in the province. Over 140 manufacturing licenses have been granted in Alberta for the production of craft beers, spirits, fruit wines, and mead.

Unique illustrations commissioned to celebrate Alberta beer, spirits, fruit wine, and mead.

Number of community events to be visited by the Just Add Alberta camper roadshow over the summer months.