Producers and Retailers

Main photo courtesy of Tool Shed BrewingThanks to lobbying efforts by the Alberta Small Brewers Association, local breweries and distilleries now have the option of selling their products in farmers' markets, something that wine…

Climate Change and Wine – A Sobering Reality

Wildfire. Drought. Searing heat. Sudden cold. Relentless rain. Fierce hail and winds. Swarms of insects destroying crops. Sounds like something out of a bible story, right? Unfortunately, it's reality for the world's wine growing community.…

New BC Policies for Tasting Events

It will now be more cost-effective for suppliers to do tasting events in BC due to new policies from the LCRB allowing liquor manufacturers or agents to purchase liquor at wholesale prices for industry-only tasting events. …


DJ Kearney was awarded the 2019 Spirited Industry Professional Award. This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the sales, service or promotion of wine in BC. …

Rum is on the Rise

When Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, the tropical climate was ideal for the plant to thrive, resulting in a host of sugar-based industries. Thankfully, both Rhum Agricole and Rum Industriel were part of this economic boom.

Cannabis Information for Liquor Licensees

With the legalization of non-medical cannabis in 2018, the Liquor Cannabis Regulation Branch has been getting a lot of questions about how the new cannabis rules affect liquor establishments in BC. To help provide clarity the Branch recently created a Cannabis Information for Liquor Licensees & Permittees document.

In the pub of the future, a robot will take your drink order, a machine will prepare your burger, and you will pay with an app on your phone, never connecting with another human throughout the entire transaction. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll just be hanging out in Instagrammable concept bars and making your own cocktails in a test tube.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada marks the end of cannabis-prohibition, and a new landscape for commercial hosts. Patrons have ready access to alcohol and cannabis. Commercial hosts therefore find themselves with potentially more “high” and “drunk” patrons.