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Is It Really Worth It?

Most liquor retailers are committed to running their businesses in the most efficient way possible to ensure the best outcomes for both the customer and the business. One area that gets reviewed on a continual basis is in-store equipment and products.

If you think occupational health and safety legislation only applies to those employers in construction, oil and gas, or other high-risk industrial sectors, you need to think again. Occupational health and safety legislation applies to all employers in all industries including retail. Employers in the retail sector need to be aware of what their roles and responsibilities are when it comes to addressing worker safety.

Trim Your Bottom Line

New Year’s resolutions are underway, and although the diet fads always begin with a bang, we all know the inadequate endurance of a quick fix, or worse yet, the hazards associated with cutting out too much, too fast. The rules of business (liquor store or not) are no different. Trimming the bottom line on business expenses is like implementing a new health regime, and there is no quick-fix to magically improve your standing, at least if you are looking to play

Benchmarking Your Liquor Store

Benchmarks provide an important input to business planning and a baseline for you to compare your liquor store against the industry as a whole. In summer 2018, ABLE BC collected data from their membership to start creating an economic snapshot of BC’s private liquor industry. They surveyed private liquor store members and non-members to help develop KPIs or benchmarks for your business, based on store size, customer demographics, and region. Surveys were sent electronically and by mail to private liquor stores across the province.

Leveraging New Technology

Leveraging new technology within your pub or liquor store allows your business to stay competitive in an evolving industry that is seeing rapid change. A straightforward approach is to look at HOW your business currently…

Will Legal Cannabis Impact Alcohol Sales?

In August, multinational brewing giant Molson Coors announced that it was partnering with one of Quebec's premier cannabis companies, Hexo, a sister brand of medical cannabis company Hydropothecary, to develop cannabis-infused beverages, even though such…

Cutting Supply Chain Costs

The number one way to increase profitability in your LRS, bar, or pub is to reduce costs. Every dollar saved is a dollar that goes straight to your bottom line, whether it comes from reduced waste, labour, or other operating expenses.