Rum is on the Rise

When Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, the tropical climate was ideal for the plant to thrive, resulting in a host of sugar-based industries. Thankfully, both Rhum Agricole and Rum Industriel were part of this economic boom.

Is it really vodka?

With the wide range of craft vodkas being produced in BC, it’s interesting to ask, “Are these really vodkas or should the Canadian definition of vodka be changed?” According to Canadian Food and Drug Regulations

Consumers are more health conscious than they have been ever before. Organic food is experiencing a boom, and many people are choosing diets that feature less meat, more vegetables, and are completely free of gluten, additives, and artificial preservatives. It was just a matter of time until exotic alcoholic drinks came under scrutiny from those customers who want to moderate their intake.

Awesome Aperitifs

During Aperitivo Hour, when the day’s work is done but the sun is still shining, squares and terraces all over Europe are bustling with imbibers. Throughout Europe, dinner is late—very late—sometimes past nine or ten o’clock.

Tequila Sales Explode

Tequila Sales Explode 22.2% Increase Tequila saw huge increases throughout last summer as on-premise demand continued to increase. Patrons aren't just shooting tequila but enjoying it in cocktails as well. Coolers and micro brews saw…

Tax Relief for Alberta’s Craft Manufacturers

Small distilleries and cideries are now able to sell their products from farmers’ markets, artisan markets or their manufacturing facilities at a reduced markup rate. The markup rate will be reduced by $11.21 per litre to $2.46 per litre for spirits and reduced by $1.49 to $0.32 per litre for refreshment beverages,

Selling Accessories

Adding accessories to your product line will not only increase your average sale, it can attract new people into your store and offer them a better buying experience. Consider adding liquor-related items, such as flasks, decanters, glassware, non-food items used in cocktails, bottle openers, and corkscrews. Available from a wide variety of suppliers, these non-alcoholic items offer good margins and an appealing contribution to your bottom line.

Alberta Liquor Market Trends

Alberta’s liquor sales are leveling out and certain segments are increasing according to the AGLC. Coolers and ciders increased 5.6% from April to September 2017 compared to the same period last year and the wine category continued to gain market share increasing 1.6%. The beer category declined 1.2% and spirits decreased 1.5%.

Brandy Regions & Categories

The history of Brandy is a long one and dates at the very least to the 16th Century. Originally called brandewijn (brandywine), legend says Dutch traders preserved wine through distillation to better allow for preservation during travel and to make it easier to carry large volumes on board. The initial plan was to reconstitute the brandewijn with water upon reaching the destination,

Delios Delight

Fall is upon us, and as the seasons change, so does our preference on what we want to be sipping during autumn festivities. Try out this fall-inspired cocktail, which makes a great Halloween delight!