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Amber & Dark Rum Trending

When Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, the tropical climate was ideal for the plant to thrive, resulting in a host of sugar-based industries. Thankfully, both Rhum Agricole and Rum Industriel were part of this economic boom.

The next big trend in cocktails? Shaking ’em up at home. So say the experts at Diageo World Class, the planet’s biggest, most prestigious cocktail competition. World Class judge and Diageo Reserve’s Global Cocktalian Lauren Mote said: “We want more ‘armchair mixologists’ to have the courage to explore what’s possible and create their own signature serves in the kitchen.

Sales Strong in Fall 2017

BC’s wholesale sales of BC Micro Brew showed 24.8% growth from October to December after 28.2% growth from July to September. Another strong category was coolers with 27.8% growth following a 19.4% increase the previous quarter. See how the other categories performed.

Awesome Aperitifs

During Aperitivo Hour, when the day’s work is done but the sun is still shining, squares and terraces all over Europe are bustling with imbibers. Throughout Europe, dinner is late—very late—sometimes past nine or ten o’clock.

Vegan wine? What’s next? It seems that the trend towards a plant-based, more environmentally responsible and sustainable diet is really taking hold. When people are differentiating their alcohol based on animal husbandry issues then it must be a real thing, right?

Tequila Sales Explode

Tequila Sales Explode 22.2% Increase Tequila saw huge increases throughout last summer as on-premise demand continued to increase. Patrons aren't just shooting tequila but enjoying it in cocktails as well. Coolers and micro brews saw…