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Single Beer Cans Trending

Chances are you grew up around beer in cans. Since postwar times, they've been a North American staple--Joe Sixpack's namesake and game day refreshment of choice. However, have you noticed a difference in what constitutes…

Craving Warmer Days & Fruity Beers

I think many people would agree that we have experienced a tough winter this year in Alberta. With the record snowfalls and consistently frigid temperatures, it could be expected that people are longing for hot temperatures and craving summertime drinks on a sunny rooftop patio. Though there are many beer styles that would be suitable for warm weather patio sipping, there are few categories that invoke visions of summertime quite like fruit beers.

Serving a Perfect Pint

Hold glass under tap, open tap, pour beer. Simple, right?

Pouring a pint of draught certainly looks straightforward, but in reality, liquid hitting the glass is just the end point of a long process with a great many variables that should demand your attention.

Beer Buying Behaviour

As business owners there are many things we all want to strategically do, but most come down to 5 basic needs: Drive Traffic; Increase Frequency/Loyalty; Grow Basket/Cheque; Differentiate vs. Your Competition; and Reduce Cost/Complexity.

Spring Liquor Sales in Alberta

Spirits took the lead in sales this spring with gin being the spirit of choice for many Albertans. As the weather warmed up, people started enjoying gin and tonics and a range of fresh cocktails, such as the Fiore Negroni and Wishbone’s Beautiful British Columbia (recipes in the Gin Styles & Cocktails article). Rum, whisky and vodka also showed increases over 2016.

Tapping Into Growlers

Have you thought about installing a growler filling station in your liquor store? With a growler bar, you’re providing a product on tap that clients want, especially when it’s a beer that’s only available in kegs. The first time a customer buys and fills up a growler (64 ounces) the cost is about the same price as a 6-pack of beer—between $5/litre up to $13/litre for more expensive brews. Refills become cheaper once customers have their own growler and aren’t paying recycling fees.

Adding Lactose to Beer

Milk and sugar? They’re ingredients you’d expect to add to tea, not beer.

However, many brewers are doing just that, by supplementing their beer’s body and sweetness with lactose, a complex sugar found in milk.

East Kootenay Beer Festival

Experience music, beer & great company at the 6th Annual East Kootenay Beer Festivalon June 17, 2017. Situated on the slopes of the BC Rockies atFairmont Hot Springs Resort, Beer Festival is THE event of…

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Increase your beer knowledge, and find a new favourite by sampling some of the more than 400 different types of beer on site. Take part in beer seminars, and vote for the People's Choice awards.…

Craft Beers in Alberta

With recent regulation changes, Alberta is entering a brewing renaissance of sorts. Over the last couple of years, we have seen over 20 new craft breweries open in Alberta (with over 50 additional breweries currently in various stages of development). Along with this, we have seen a new wave of innovation that is both refreshing and incredibly exciting.