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Reinvent Your Promotions

Competition for pubs and liquor stores has never been fiercer, with hotel lounges, restaurants and pop-up nightclubs being challenged at every turn. If you want to attract customers, engage them, and convert them in to regulars, you may have to go beyond the usual tried and trusted methods of promotion. Showing inventiveness can unlock a whole new customer base.

If any retailer was still in doubt that delivery is the way of the future, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has put that firmly to rest. The e-commerce giant recently bought Whole Foods for US$13.7 billion, not because Bezos wants easy access to organic avocadoes and house brand coconut water, but because he wants access to the upscale grocer’s warehouses and distribution centres.

Establishing a Niche Market

Finding a group of people to attract is all about identifying niches that haven’t been discovered or fully developed by competitors. Some clients are looking for a specific collection, and establishments that sell hard-to-find spirits, wine, and craft beer are perfect for setting up a niche market. Special deals and frequent buyer programs are abundant because customers like saving money, but more thought needs to go into developing a niche market.

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch is starting to work on an online option for buying alcohol.

The Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction stated, “Right now, the LDB is in the initial stages of determining how the online tool can be implemented.