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Is It Really Worth It?

Most liquor retailers are committed to running their businesses in the most efficient way possible to ensure the best outcomes for both the customer and the business. One area that gets reviewed on a continual basis is in-store equipment and products.

Cost-saving Strategies

Planning and implementing cost-saving strategies can seem easy enough, pinch a penny here, pinch a penny there… but what you end up doing is nickel and diming your business to death without considering the repercussions. This ends up leading to zero changes that truly impact the business and subsequent bottom line.

What is a Good Pour Cost?

We get asked this question all the time.

The fact is that there is no such thing as an industry standard “good” pour cost that works for every bar. You often hear or read that if your pour cost is in the low 20% range, you are in good shape. That is simply nonsense—and dangerous nonsense at that!

Controlling Food Costs

Controlling your costs is crucial to your success. Costs are expressed as either a dollar figure or as a percentage of revenue. Fixed cost expenses do not go up and down with business volume (think rent, phone, Internet) and should be negotiated hard for the lowest rate possible when initially contracted.