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Spring Liquor Sales in Alberta

Spirits took the lead in sales this spring with gin being the spirit of choice for many Albertans. As the weather warmed up, people started enjoying gin and tonics and a range of fresh cocktails, such as the Fiore Negroni and Wishbone’s Beautiful British Columbia (recipes in the Gin Styles & Cocktails article). Rum, whisky and vodka also showed increases over 2016.

Unique BC Craft Spirits

First craft beer, then craft spirits. BC is in a golden age for those who like to indulge. Many distillers in BC started off with unaged spirits, because something has to pay the bills. By law, whisky in Canada has to be at least three years old, so distilleries have to do more than just wait for their spirits to mature. Clear spirits are also quite popular in North America, and with the booming cocktail culture, possibilities are endless for craft spirit producers. Here are some examples of unique and delectable bottlings in BC.

It’s an off-season Thursday night at the Park Distillery in Banff, and the joint is jumping as if it was a holiday weekend in the height of summer. Servers are slammed, getting samplers of craft vodka, gin and un-aged rye out to thirsty customers. Guests lean over to their neighbours’ tables, asking perfect strangers what they’re drinking.

Be a Farmer for a Day with Eau Claire Distillery

Come stook grain bundles with Eau Claire Distillery's majestic Percheron horses harvesting barley at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site. The ultimate Alberta volun-tourism adventure in the Rocky Mountain Foothills awaits the bold and brawny…