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Alberta’s New Tasting Regulations

The AGLC recently made changes to the liquor tasting policy. Servers are now required to have ProServe certification, licencees can recover some costs, and sample sizes have increased.

BC’s Cannabis Distribution Model

On February 5, 2018 the Government of BC announced additional details of the regulations and policies that will govern the sale of non-medical cannabis in the province. The Liquor Distribution Branch will retain a monopoly over distribution of cannabis, but there will be public and private options for retail, including online sales.

BC Liquor Policy Changes

It’s been full steam ahead at LCLB in the months following the many liquor policy changes that took effect January 23, 2017. The work initiated by my predecessor, Doug Scott, has continued and I am proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved so far in working toward implementing the 73 recommendations of the Liquor Policy Review Final Report.

New Liquor Control and Licensing Act & Regulations

A new Liquor Control and Licensing Act and Regulations came into effect in BC on January 23, 2017. These are substantially a follow through to the BC Liquor Policy Review Final Report prepared by the John Yap. There were 73 recommendations in the report and in excess of 50 have been implemented. According to government, as of January 23, 90% of the recommendations have been implemented.