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If you think occupational health and safety legislation only applies to those employers in construction, oil and gas, or other high-risk industrial sectors, you need to think again. Occupational health and safety legislation applies to all employers in all industries including retail. Employers in the retail sector need to be aware of what their roles and responsibilities are when it comes to addressing worker safety.

Beer Buying Behaviour

As business owners there are many things we all want to strategically do, but most come down to 5 basic needs: Drive Traffic; Increase Frequency/Loyalty; Grow Basket/Cheque; Differentiate vs. Your Competition; and Reduce Cost/Complexity.

Make Insightful Decisions

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP

Your point-of-sale (POS) system is collecting data every day, but what are you doing with that information? Some people think that collecting and analyzing big data is reserved for large corporations that can afford marketing departments and analysts, however, small businesses can benefit just as much.

Handling Cash

In a 2014 survey, “Measuring progress toward a cashless society,” MasterCard found that, while most Canadians use debit or credit cards, cash accounted for more than 40% of consumer transactions. In liquor stores, cash still reigns supreme among many types of customers, including those with a criminal bent. Cash theft is a threat from both within and outside store doors.

Establishing a Niche Market

Finding a group of people to attract is all about identifying niches that haven’t been discovered or fully developed by competitors. Some clients are looking for a specific collection, and establishments that sell hard-to-find spirits, wine, and craft beer are perfect for setting up a niche market. Special deals and frequent buyer programs are abundant because customers like saving money, but more thought needs to go into developing a niche market.

If retailers have any lingering doubts about the dominance of online sales, Kelly Abbott is here to lay them to rest. “The last six months has been the biggest growth for us,” says the president of ParcelPal, a Vancouver-based on-demand delivery service. “It’s like a hockey stick. It’s just going up.”

Juanita & Kelsey Roos

At Color de Vino, it's all about family. The Edmonton-area wine and spirits boutique isowned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Juanita and Kelsey Roos. Juanita'sfather built the fittings and Kelsey's husband, Ramon Miranda,…