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Main Avenue Liquor Brings Sophisticated Selection and Spirit to Sundre. Nestled against the Rocky Mountain foothills northwest of Calgary, the town of Sundre is among the most scenic in Alberta. It's small--population 2,729--and it may…

Pick the Right POS

Point of Sale Systems (POS) need to be critically evaluated prior to making a commitment. While a POS’s fundamental purpose is to allow businesses to record sales transactions and manage inventory, new features with evolving technology need to be considered to drive consistent future growth. POS systems have now been optimized to streamline staff hours, detail inventory, and project purchases. A business owner must consider his business model and how he needs the POS to work within his business.

BC’s Cannabis Distribution Model

On February 5, 2018 the Government of BC announced additional details of the regulations and policies that will govern the sale of non-medical cannabis in the province. The Liquor Distribution Branch will retain a monopoly over distribution of cannabis, but there will be public and private options for retail, including online sales.

Marketing You Liquor Store

In the liquor industry, marketing has changed dramatically in the past five or so years. Small businesses used to simply place an ad in the yellow pages, put up signs, and then wait for customers to flow through the door.

However, today’s marketing is a quagmire of Google rankings, social media, blogging, e-newsletters and big data analytics. How on earth can a retailer make any sense of it?

Tudor House Liquor Store

It’s simply breathtaking—all angled glass, sweeping steel and cool concrete, a glittering modern framework for the vast array of fine wine, craft beer, and spirits inside. “From the architecture to our selection, everything in the store is unique,”