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Marketing You Liquor Store

In the liquor industry, marketing has changed dramatically in the past five or so years. Small businesses used to simply place an ad in the yellow pages, put up signs, and then wait for customers to flow through the door.

However, today’s marketing is a quagmire of Google rankings, social media, blogging, e-newsletters and big data analytics. How on earth can a retailer make any sense of it?

Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Even if you don’t use social media, we can all agree that it’s a part of modern culture that’s here to stay. The liquor industry, recognizing that social media allows businesses to be influencers, is adopting this emerging form of communication and incorporating it into the brand experience. The ability to speak directly to an audience provides a powerful marketing tool in the right hands.

Establishing a Niche Market

Finding a group of people to attract is all about identifying niches that haven’t been discovered or fully developed by competitors. Some clients are looking for a specific collection, and establishments that sell hard-to-find spirits, wine, and craft beer are perfect for setting up a niche market. Special deals and frequent buyer programs are abundant because customers like saving money, but more thought needs to go into developing a niche market.