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Pick the Right POS

Point of Sale Systems (POS) need to be critically evaluated prior to making a commitment. While a POS’s fundamental purpose is to allow businesses to record sales transactions and manage inventory, new features with evolving technology need to be considered to drive consistent future growth. POS systems have now been optimized to streamline staff hours, detail inventory, and project purchases. A business owner must consider his business model and how he needs the POS to work within his business.

What is a Good Pour Cost?

We get asked this question all the time.

The fact is that there is no such thing as an industry standard “good” pour cost that works for every bar. You often hear or read that if your pour cost is in the low 20% range, you are in good shape. That is simply nonsense—and dangerous nonsense at that!

Serving a Perfect Pint

Hold glass under tap, open tap, pour beer. Simple, right?

Pouring a pint of draught certainly looks straightforward, but in reality, liquid hitting the glass is just the end point of a long process with a great many variables that should demand your attention.