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Is It Really Worth It?

Most liquor retailers are committed to running their businesses in the most efficient way possible to ensure the best outcomes for both the customer and the business. One area that gets reviewed on a continual basis is in-store equipment and products.

Leveraging New Technology

Leveraging new technology within your pub or liquor store allows your business to stay competitive in an evolving industry that is seeing rapid change. A straightforward approach is to look at HOW your business currently…

Measuring Your Pub’s Performance

You likely review your KPI’s, such as gross profit/food costs, labour costs and net profit on a regular basis. These give you an excellent idea of how your business is performing. There are alternative figures you can look at though, some that may give you a better insight into how the business is doing, especially when you operate more than one site.

High-tech bar management software can do everything from tracking food and labour costs to monitoring real-time performance remotely.  For those looking for a new pub operations platform, it can take time to wade through the pros and cons of the array of new technology on the market. Alternatively, it can help to rely on the expertise and experiences of others, including reliable third parties conducting market research on the best available systems.