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Craving Warmer Days & Fruity Beers

I think many people would agree that we have experienced a tough winter this year in Alberta. With the record snowfalls and consistently frigid temperatures, it could be expected that people are longing for hot temperatures and craving summertime drinks on a sunny rooftop patio. Though there are many beer styles that would be suitable for warm weather patio sipping, there are few categories that invoke visions of summertime quite like fruit beers.

The next big trend in cocktails? Shaking ’em up at home. So say the experts at Diageo World Class, the planet’s biggest, most prestigious cocktail competition. World Class judge and Diageo Reserve’s Global Cocktalian Lauren Mote said: “We want more ‘armchair mixologists’ to have the courage to explore what’s possible and create their own signature serves in the kitchen.

Sales Strong in Fall 2017

BC’s wholesale sales of BC Micro Brew showed 24.8% growth from October to December after 28.2% growth from July to September. Another strong category was coolers with 27.8% growth following a 19.4% increase the previous quarter. See how the other categories performed.

Tequila Sales Explode

Tequila Sales Explode 22.2% Increase Tequila saw huge increases throughout last summer as on-premise demand continued to increase. Patrons aren't just shooting tequila but enjoying it in cocktails as well. Coolers and micro brews saw…

Beer Buying Behaviour

As business owners there are many things we all want to strategically do, but most come down to 5 basic needs: Drive Traffic; Increase Frequency/Loyalty; Grow Basket/Cheque; Differentiate vs. Your Competition; and Reduce Cost/Complexity.